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Welcome to DUCKWING OUTDOOR for an unforgettable experience in & with nature! 
Our mission is to inspire people and connect them with eachother and nature. Discover our:

* unique CREATIVE WORKSHOPS focusing on nature experience
such as bee hotel, pyrography, Swedish torch, fire workshop with DIY lunch,...
* SPORTING ACTIVITIES including kickbiking and canoeing (weekends)

On fixed dates but also upon request. All activities can be found in the menu at the top of this page. 

We focus on individuals , families and (small to medium-sized) groups, but you are also very welcome as a single person and with your four-legged friend! 

At Duckwing outdoor we are strongly commited to SUSTAINABLE and LOCAL entrepreneurship. You can read more about this via this link: sustainability  

Curious about us? Feel free to take a look at our contact page:  

our locations:

GRAPE REGION: known for its green sloping landscapes, unique hollow roads, meandering rivers, many forests,... Our location in Huldenberg is easily accessible and beautifully situated in the Ijse valley, corridor of the national park "Brabantse Wouden", of which we are also an ambassador.

In addition, several times a year you can join a unique canoe safari weekend in the ARDENNES where we sleep in safari tents and this in the beautiful Semois valley, also a national park.

On our locations in the green and on the waterfront we always provide a cozy woodlodge with woodstove and in Huldenberg you can stay in a...

the regions where we operate:


NP Brabant Forests


NP Semois valley


Tourism Flemish Brabant

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