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During our creative workshops at our beautiful location in Huldenberg, you will work, under guidance, to make your own sustainable creation and thus contribute to a more beautiful living environment. You combine creativity with experiencing nature and at the end of the afternoon you go home with your own creation!
This could be: a bee hotel or a beautiful wooden disk that you have decorated with a burning pen (=pyrography), a Swedish torch, a birdhouse or a feeder.

Always guided by Frank: creative, naturalist and outdoor specialist. You will learn a lot about the wonderful world of nature during our workshops.
The workshops are for adults or as a parent-child activity and take place in and around our cozy woodlodge (which is heated in winter and shaded in summer so that the activities can always continue).

Nothing but benefits to participate: you get creative, spend an afternoon outdoors, learn a lot about nature and go home with your own sustainable creation. So fully charged and richer with beautiful memories!

Dates 2024:

  • PYROGRAPHY : 6/11
  • making a SWEDISH TORCH: 30/11 (fully booked) + 15/12

Every time from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, except pyrography: evening sessions from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Creative workshop prices

Swedish torch€52+ €10 (9-14 years)
Bee hotel€45+ €10 (6-12 years)
Bird or bird feeder or squirrel box€45+ €10 (6-12 years)
Pyrography€52€38 (9-14 years)
Forest bath + pyrography€115€95 (+ 12 years)

Material, guidance, a drink, VAT and civil liability insurance are included in the price of the workshop.
It is not only intended for children but can be used as an adult-child activity. So as a parent, grandparent, plus parent, aunt, uncle, babysitter,... you can join in and work together on your own sustainable creation! An exception to this is pyrography: here everyone makes their own creation.

Creative workshop location

Huldenberg, in and around our cozy covered (and if necessary heated) woodlodge.
We are located in the beautiful green Grape Region, a stone's throw from Leuven and Brussels.
There is parking available and we are easily accessible by public transport from Overijse, Leuven and Brussels.

! These workshops are also available on request for an afternoon with friends, a team building event, a trip with friends, in combination with one of our other activities,...! Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Nice father-son moment: making a Swedish torch under the expert guidance of Frank. Thanks for the nice atmosphere!
Highly recommended for everyone! Kim

It was an educational, interesting workshop for young and old, my son had a great time, he thought it was the best thing he had done this holiday. Worth repeating!!! Nathalie

We would like to thank you again for the fun workshop last Saturday. It hangs neatly on the south, so now we have to wait for the insects! Rutger

What a nice workshop in a nice environment! We went home with a super nice bee hotel, recommended for young and old! Ingrid

The Swedish torch workshop was very educational. Good balance between explanation and rolling up your sleeves yourself! Frank and Tanja were very friendly and helped where necessary. Delicious tea and a marshmallow afterwards, so cool! Ans

Pyrography was a great mommy-daughter activity. A successful afternoon :) Sophie

Yesterday I had a great afternoon "making Swedish torches" with these great people. Everything was well prepared, there was a warm welcome and professional explanation before we got to work ourselves and went home as proud as a peacock with our Swedish torch. Recommended! Dear

Together with my daughter Mona (11 years old) I already attended a 'Pyrography' workshop twice at Duckwing in Huldenberg. We were warmly welcomed, Frank patiently explained and showed some examples. We practiced some techniques on a small board, then we were allowed to express our creativity on a bread board or a tree slice. Highly recommended as a gift to yourself or someone else! A nice quiet activity for young and old and you will go home happy with a beautiful creative work. Jennifer

Making a bee hotel was educational, fun and enjoyable. Very well organized by nice and sweet people. Highly recommended to do workshops at Duckwing in Huldenberg! Katty

Recommended! Stephanie

Nice workshop: how to build a bee hotel. I found it very educational and interesting, and also well organised. Highly recommended! George

creative pyrography workshop

creative workshop bee hotel

Swedish torch workshop

You can also find our workshops on the platform of and Uit in Vlaanderen
Questions about our creative workshops? Please feel free to contact us!


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